Child Health/Dental History

  • Child Health/Dental History Form

    1. Active Tuberculosis, 2. Persistent cough greater than a three-week duration, 3.Cough that produces blood?
    If you answer yes to any of the three items above, please stop and return this form to the receptionist.
  • Child’s History

    If not the first visit, what was the date of the last dentist visit?
  • NOTE: Both doctor and patient are encouraged to discuss any and all relevant patient health issues prior to treatment.
    I certify that I have read and understand the above. I acknowledge that my questions, if any, about inquiries set forth above have been answered to my satisfaction. I will not hold my dentist, or any other member of his/her staff, responsible for any action they take or do not take because of errors or omissions that I may have made in the completion of this form.
  • For completion by dentist